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Prof. Chris Bowe

About the Head Coach

Professor Chris Bowe is a 3rd degree black belt under the legendary Braulio Estima.

Prof Bowe is one of Irelands first blackbelts and is a 9 time World and European Medallist .

Chris's most noteworthy achievements include:


2017 World Pro Silver (Adult)

2013 Double World Medallist (Adult)

First Adult Irish blackbelt to reach a World and European Final

10 time Abu Dhabi Pro Championship Gold (Blackbelt)

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My Story

Being the second youngest of 15 siblings I always wanted to prove myself. Sport has been my vehicle to do this. Whatever activity I ever took part in, I always wanted to prove to people that I could be good. Jiu Jitsu has had the biggest single impact on my life. It has humbled me often and helped me to be a calmer and more measured person. As much as I have achieved personally in the sport of Jiu Jitsu I believe my greatest achievement from Jiu Jitsu is that even after 20 years, it still makes me want to be a better teacher, practitioner and person everyday.

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