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What are your prices for membership? 

Some of our prices are as below. Please see the Glofox App for all available options.


All our memberships have the FIRST MONTH FREE. However there is a charge to purchase the Kimono (e.g GB1 Kimono 145 - €99 free month = €46)

Adults: €99

Students: €80

10 Class Pass: €140

Kids 10 Class Pass €120

Children: €40-90 depending on whether 1,2 or 3 days attending

Drop in/PAYG: €19

What do the class names mean?

GB1: If GB1 is in the class name, it means the technique is set for beginners with zero experience up to 3 stripe white belt (takes about 4 months to achieve). Any level may attend.

GB2: The level is set for 3 stripe white belt or higher and you must be at least this level to attend.

GB3: Requires attendees to be at the rank of Blue Belt or higher.

NOGI: As the name suggests, the Gi is not worn. Gracie Barra Rashguard and shorts are required.

Do I need any equipment e.g a Kimono/Gi?

Unless the name of the class has Nogi in its title, expect that all other classes are with the kimono. We have a kimono rental facility for newcomers and of course we sell kimonos and other apparel at the academy. It is mandatory to have a Gracie Barra Kimono 

Regardless of the class, you will require separate sliders/flip flops/sandals to wear when off the mat area.

Gum shields are highly recommended as this is a full contact sport.

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